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Academia de Studii Economice Bucureşti,
Departamentul de Informatică şi Cibernetică Economică,
Colectivul de baze de date şi sisteme informatice,

Calea Dorobanţilor, nr. 15-17, sector 1, Bucureşti, cod 010552, Clădirea Virgil Madgearu, sala 2017

Telefon: (021) 319.19.00, (021) 319.19.01
Interior: 314, 348


Seminar materials:

HR schema


Requirements for project [Vlad Diaconita]

Requirements for project [Anda Belciu]

Seminar activity:

  • Oracle Database Programming with PL/SQL Diploma can be obtained by completing the following steps: 
    - passing the DBMS course with at least the grade 7
    - on-line quizzes should be completed until 22.05.2017, 10.00 p.m.,
    - Final Exam Semester 2 has to be conducted at the faculty on 29.05.2017, according to the following schedule
    - maximum 3 absences at the course and seminar in the second semester.

Oracle Academy PL/SQL results

IMPORTANT! Students who are not found on the list, but believe they qualify for the final examination for the diploma, are asked to contact by email the coordinator before the test.

  • The average of the 3 seminar grades (30% project, 40% test, 30% activity) has to be minimum 5 and is 50% of the final grade.