Colaborare IBM

IBM & BDSA Collaborative Program - an initiative that aims to create a resourceful environment for students by providing them with IBM software, experienced trainers and classroom courses.

These courses, held directly by Business Analytics & Optimization (BAO) practitioners, IBM GDC Romania, provide solid information in areas like: Advanced Analytics and Optimization, Business Intelligence and Performance Management, and Enterprise Information Management.

 IBM's service line involved in the program, BAO, leverages information to enable enterprise transformation and creates sustainable differentiation through advanced information management and analytical services, deep industry and domain expertise, world class solutions required to address complex business and social opportunities across an entity's entire value chain.

 The program offering consists in courses on modern business technologies, software access, course materials and experienced trainers.

 Program structure:

 The program is focused on 4 technologies which are mapped to the master’s subjects:

  • InfoSphere DataStage -> Database integration with other information technologies  (1 year, 2 semester)
  • SPSS -> Software tools for data analysis (1 year, 2 semester)
  • Cognos TM1 -> OLAP Technology (1 year, 2 semester)
  • Cognos Business Intelligence -> Executive Information Systems (2 year, 1 semester)

 Each technology is encapsulated in a separated course organized in presentations and laboratories that will held additionally to the master’s subject.

Why attend the courses?

  • Participation diplomas
  • Facilitated access to certification exams
  • Easier linkage to IBM’s internships / job opportunities
  • Gain additional knowledge in new technologies
  • Discover IBM’s professional career paths
  • Become more valuable with competitive skills
  • Learn directly from IBM’s practitioners
  • Get in touch with real-life working situations.

 *Program developed by IBM GDC Romania in collaboration with University Relation team and the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Prof.Univ.Dr. Ion LUNGU, Conf.Univ.Dr. Iuliana BOTHA, Prof. Univ. Dr. Adela Bara 

** The IBM BAO - ASE BDSA courses will be held in the Bucharest University of Economic.